Tiki Bar at the Waldorf

Halloween Was Extremely Decent.

November 3, 2014

via HUSH Magazine by  November 3, 2014

Halloween got extremely serious this year with Space + Time Productions putting on the first ever Mad Decent Halloween in Vancouver on Saturday night.

There were four different rooms at our beloved Waldorf all completely decked out with whatever your heart desired, making it a perfect place for anyone with ADD. The decorations were spot on so that everywhere you looked it was a feast for the eyes. All the attendees were dressed up in their creative Halloween costumes proving that we were all in the spirit.

For those of you that have been to the Waldorf before you know that it can get very crowded, very quickly and trying to get up and down that spiral staircase makes you feel like you’re being birthed at times. Saturday night was no exception, except there was no aggression and most people were high-fiving each other when they passed you by. It seemed that the crowd was there to have a great time…and drink as much as they could.

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