Tiki Bar at the Waldorf

Bastid’s BBQ :: Choise Beats & Grilled Meats

July 30, 2014

Chris Danforth

The copy on the poster read “Choice beats, grilled meats, dancing feet” – I had to check it out. While many bemoan the current state of DJ culture, Paul Murphy, aka Skratch Bastid, stays on the needle tip of the Canadian DJ landscape today, largely bolstered by his extensive background as a scratch battle DJ.There are these certain strands that connect the DJ community across Canada, and Paul is one of those strands. Toronto has Pat Drastik and Tom Wrecks, out in Ottawa there’s DJ Illo, Calgary is home to DJ Pump, and in Vancouver we’ve got guys like Hedspin and The Freshest. It’s definitely a fam situation up here, and the Vancouver collective was present on this warm Sunday at the Waldorf, also including The Hundreds’ rep DJ Flipout, Rico and Erik from REUPTRIPPYSHIT, the legendary Vinyl Richie, and more including DJ Jazzy Jeff…

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