Tiki Bar at the Waldorf

These stories from the Downtown Eastside will make you want to be a better person

November 4, 2014

via VancityBuzz by Nicolle Hodges | 8:02 am PST, Mon November 3, 2014

When a good idea is ignited, it sets fire to the soul and spreads to whomever it touches. It starts as simple as rubbing sticks together; a few friends with talents that fit, someone knows someone who can help, then it sparks, it burns slowly, steadily, until a blaze is erupted with the power to light up the darkest streets – this good idea made of fire that spreads like wind.

Eastside Stories follows the lives of four disadvantaged residents in the Downtown Eastside, as they navigate the streets, their lives and their pasts. Those people are Danillo Estrada, Jens “Spoons” Petersen, Dianne Tobin and James “Jim” McLeod, and you will soon know them. One who shares the wisdom of bees, one who finds friendship on the streets, one who lives in the moment, who speaks five languages, who walks mile after mile with a leg that cannot bend.

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