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MEC moves into new green headquarters in East Vancouver

October 23, 2014

VanCity Buzz

Canada’s leading outdoor retailer, Mountain Equipment Co-op, has relocated their Vancouver headquarters into a next generation green building in the False Creek Flats in East Vancouver.

Designed by Vancouver firm Proscenium Architecture & Interior, it features displays of glass, wood and steel that showcases the beautiful natural surroundings, making this 112,000 square foot ‘base camp’ one of a kind.  Built with high-tech lighting and air-control systems, it makes the space an estimated 70 per cent more energy efficient than conventional Canadian office buildings.

It has a stunning roof top garden that will be kept lush using a rainwater capture system that handles up to 80 per cent of their non-drinking water needs, while the garden featuring fruit trees and planter boxes for growing vegetables in season.

View the amazing photos of inside and around the building by clicking the View More button below.

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