Tiki Bar at the Waldorf

Guest List

Thank you for wanting to join us At The Waldorf. Please read all of the information below. It tells you all you’ll need to know about guestlist requests, guestlist access and VIP services. To find out more about the night you are requesting, click here to see our weekend set up. This is to ensure all your guests will be good with our format.


Please e-mail info@atthewaldorf.com with the following:

1) The date you are requesting (eg. Saturday, Sept 27)
2) The full names of every guest in your party

If you submit your request properly, you will get a response before the event (this could take a couple days).
Please Note: requests for the upcoming week will be addressed first.

If you have requested to be on the guest list and received confirmation, please check in with one of the guest list hosts at the venue when you arrive.


We have special sections, tables and even rooms for your party which are perfect for any celebration.
Email info@atthewaldorf.com to get more info on these sections & packages.


  • We have the right to refuse any requests at our discretion.
  • Your ID may be scanned and gang members or affiliates are not welcome.
  • Valid ID (w/magstrip) eg. Driver’s license, BC ID is required for entry. Acceptance of passports or other forms of ID is at our discretion.
  • Guest list is a privilege, not a right. Please respect the door hosts.
  • Note VIP/Guest list expiry time, cut-off times are STRICT, so arrive 1/2 hour early.
  • Please be aware that all guests that show up after the allotted time might not gain entry to the establishment in a timely matter based on our capacity.
  • VIP line access is based on a first come first served basis.
  • Please come early to avoid missing out on the good times.

* If found items are not claimed after 30 days, they will be donated to charity *